The focus is for person with drug problem and their family to achieve a “holistic recovery” and provide support and guidance to prevent recurrence of drug abuse.

Information Dessimination campaign of ordinance No.0506-13, Series of 2013 (An Ordinance Mandating Random Drug Testing in all Establishments in Davao City Employing Ten (10) or more Employees and Establishing the same as  a Requirement in the Acquisition and Renewal of Business Permits.

General Objectives:

  • To create a facility that would allow the public to have access to the Mayor or to a reliable custodian of information to whom information can be reported in confidence without fear of reprisal from those involved in illegal drugs.
  • To create an entity that can take hold of the opportunity created by
  • To provide a program for persons with drug problem towards smooth reintegration and independent functioning within their families and communities.
  • Specifically, to counsel persons with drug problem to cope and manage their cravings for prohibited drugs; to teach and instruct them in prevention or management of relapse; to provide services designed to increase self-reliance and integration into society through educational, vocational, and social programs; and to develop skills training for them to deal with high risk factors in coordination with the Department of Health and other partner agencies.
  • To comply the information and education component of Section 14 of Ordinance No. 050613; to inform and educate the affected business sector of the above-cited ordinance and the date of its affectivity for compliance; to enable the affected business establishments make a plan of action/activities to implement compliance of said ordinance in their respective workplace; to create and sustain a healthy and good working condition at the workplace for employees and management in Davao City; to sustain a productive work force by preventing the proliferation of dangerous drugs in Davao City.